Smart solutions for water and energy management in the agricultural sector.

We transform water systems into integrated remote management systems that provide long term environmental and financial benefits.

Water is a critical resource in agriculture, and farmers need the right water management systems to:

Streamline resource allocation

Promote effective water management

Save time and money

About Us

Our aim is to transform the way agricultural orientated businesses manage their resources by empowering them with the correct knowledge and systems. The key lies in transforming client services resource systems to smart remote management systems that promote effective management, streamlined resource allocation and reduced wasted expenditure.

Our Process


Site Investigation

We visit you, on your farm, at our own expense. We get to know you and how you operate. We test your system’s performance based on agreed parameters and needs, followed by priority phasing and risk assessment.


Reporting & Planning

Next, we draw up a report that covers the following:
Status quo report, the scope of works draft, phasing plan, risk management plans, financial models, and initial designs and engineering.



Once we have received confirmation to proceed, we finalise the project concept plan and schedule. During this time we deal with all the paperwork and contracts. We get the designs and engineering certified.



We phase out the implementation plan and set up your smart management systems on-site.



Once the system is up and running, we take care of the management and maintenance, and the agreement term is officially initiated.

Our Services

Alternative Energy Provision

Water Source Investigation

Backup Power Provision

Existing Grid Utilization

Water Provision & Effectivity Utilization

Smart Management System

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AquaCloud is a cloud-based monitoring platform for commercial aquaculture and municipalities in South Africa. AquaCloud is locally-produced custom propriety software, making it a cost-effective solution that is easily adapted and adjusted. This local license software makes it easier to manage water and irrigation, supported by real-time data reporting and analytics.