Our Services

To ensure the success of the project, the following essential services will be included in the Final Concept Plan.

Alternative Energy Provision

The placement of solar power plants to provide daytime power to the grid has proven to be the best choice. The size and position will be determined.

Water Source Investigation

The existing groundwater sources will be tested to determine capacity, yield and recovery parameters. Existing hydro reports of the area are used, if available. Optimum usage figures must be determined for each source.

Backup Power Provision

Backup power provision will be a combination of power provision sources. Thefinancial models will determine the optimum utilization of each source, withthe ultimate goal to provide uninterrupted consistent power at the lowest possible cost. The possible sources to be utilized are the Eskom grid, power generators (preferable NPG driven), and backup batteries, such as low-risk supercap expandable units.

Existing Grid Utilization

Continued grid-tied systems will influence final power backup size and yield. By taking your existing Eskom grid utilisation into account when we formulate the concept plan we determine the future use and capacity.

Water Provision & Effectivity Utilization

The capacity, yield utilization and health of all pumps will be investigated and ultimately, programmed for optimum use in terms of capacity and yield. The laminar flow must be maintained at optimum revolutions. Current performance to be graded against possible future performance.

Smart Management System

Ensuring constant vigilance and active management response, we implement and employ a smart remote management system. This system enables real-time performance monitoring and remote access to system components. All systems can be monitored and controlled from a Remote Station with internet access. Output and management control on the system will determine management & maintenance parameters.